Thursday, March 6, 2014

So Precious

So Precious
A poem by Naomi Thomson

From the balcony she watches
the people far below.
Rushing here and there
in the fallen winter snow.

Warm hats and mittens, 
frost bitten toes,
Impressions of life bursting
with joy that ever grows.

Lacey hats and rosey cheeks
and stylish winter minks
Look something like a fairy tale,
"So pretty," she often thinks.

Happy couples ice skate,
or at least, they always try.
He looks at her and seems to say
"So pretty," with his eyes.

Some days from in that balcony,
watching life below,
She thinks how nice it could be
to be down there in the snow.

To be a girl with rosey cheeks
who those from windows say
That every time she passes by,
"So pretty she looks today."

The thought makes her smile,
she looks forward to that day.
"Patience me," she tells herself,
"Patience is the way."

Months go by, the seasons change,
and still the thoughts remain.
"So pretty," they all still seem to be
Yet, still, she stays the same.

Hope still lingers in her heart, 
and still she always says,
"Patience is a virtue,"
and "I can wait, these long long days. "

Yet somehow, she begins to doubt
that she can live down there.
Who would say those words of her,
or would they even dare?

A tear begins to form in her eye, 
"What would they see of me?"
When suddenly a voice, from up above, 
says, "So precious you are to me."

A gentle Voice, it was that day
which told her she was lovely.
'Twas the Voice of He who made her,
the one who created beauty.

"Come to me," He said to her,
"Walk, skate, dance, and see;
That from above, I look down and say,
"So precious you are to me."

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