Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Am the Rain [A Poem]

I originally wrote this poem when I was 17, and stumbled across it again the other day.  Thinking "First day of spring" thoughts today, I thought I'd share.


I Am the Rain
By Naomi Thomson 

My feet are shod with silver and my head is bent to hear
The sound of thunder's rolling call
And my comrades riotous cheers.
I am the rain.

The sky is darkened with the breath of need; and I flood in to fill it.
The world is thirsting, I feel it now
And I must fall to feed it.
I am the rain.

It's then that people here and there begin to hear my voice
As I march from heaven in the strength of the wind,
 And these thirsty lands rejoice.
I am the rain.

My feet are strong against the ground, as I march to thunder's clap;
And the ground responds in grateful cheer
With the scent of sweetened sap.
I am the rain.

The taste of moisture upon the tongue of our green earth is sure
To bring a sense of sweet serenity; 
Her thirst has found its cure.
I am the rain.

 I'm nearly finished now, upon this earth today.
The ground is soft and contented again,
And the sky is no longer grey.
I am the rain.

And so I reach up to the sky where thunder’s voice is failing
So that the wind may take me there
And catch me in her sailing.
I am the rain.

Then a vapour, a sweetened mist, on the wind will ride
To catch me in her arms of grace
'Till next the world has cried.
I am the rain.

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