Saturday, May 3, 2014

Note To Self:

I would like to make a habit of spending the first part of my day in prayer, committing my day and my ways to the Lord.  I would like to make a habit of acknowledging him in all my ways, and at the end of every day, rather than focusing on my setbacks and “Failures,” or the lies that tell me I’ve been a failure, I want to thank the Lord for being with me and being faithful.  Even when I can’t see very well, and when I am discouraged.  He IS still there, and He IS still my provider, my leader, my teacher, and protector.  I need to trust in him.  I need to develop an attitude of gratitude that replaces my fears completely.  

HE is in me.  And HE is not a failure; I am his, and he is mine.  And I am HIS success.  He has saved me.  And there is NOTHING I have to do to make that any more valid.  It is truth.  It stands.  

Time to claim some truth over my life.  Time to pray with the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, which tells me that I am His and that He is my leader who loves and protects and defends me.  

The TRUTH will set me free!

I will trust in the LORD!  

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