Wednesday, February 12, 2014


There are days when I... sitting on the couch, tea in hand... am thinking. Yet, in my mind, I am not in this position.

I am running.

Hair flying, tears pouring from my eyes, arms reaching, legs hitting the ground, and every ounce of muscle I have being poured into increasing my speed and persevering.  As I run, I am crying through the pain, labouring to breathe, gasping as I go, "Lord, all for you, all for you!  Let me leave it all behind, just to see you, to run to you, to know you, to follow you!"  I am running the race of life, feeling alone sometimes, keeping my eye on the prize... Or sometimes, closing my eyes just trying to picture Him as I press on.

And so I sit on the couch this evening; thinking.  Running.

I tell myself, "Just run, Naomi.  Run.  Never look back."

"Run to Him."

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